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Owner's Agreement for Dock Rental 2024

Dock Rental Contract 2024

                             Dockmaster Duties

Marina Rules

 Please contact Dockmaster Christine McKim at for questions regarding dock rentals or other concerns.

Green Cove Resort 1 Marina Rules

Fueling at docks is strictly prohibited. (Ohio Fire Code Para 4 Sec 2210.4)

  1. Discharge of head waste or dumping of plastic, paper, rags, glass, metal dunnage or food into the water is prohibited. 

  2. Properly store used oil and old batteries, then take to a recycling or disposal facility.

  3. Report any oil spill that creates a sheen on the water. (See bulletin boards).

  4. Utilize best boater practices. (See bulletin boards).

  5. Affix your current Green Cove Marina Sticker to your windshield (dock side) or somewhere visible.

  6. The entire marina and channel are designated as a "no-wake zone".

  7. Boats must be removed by November 1st for dock removal.  

Violation of the above rules could result in expulsion from the marina. 

Boat U.S Group Discount Number is GA82693B for the 2024 Season.

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